I feel your soul stirring...

I hear the call of your spirit.

These are unusual times...

Our world is changing at an incredible pace.

Many of us are evolving at a whirlwind pace — it’s occurring so fast that what happens one minute becomes irrelevant moments later. And yet the evolution continues and we continue on the Path, no matter where it takes us. It’s terrifying at times, exhilarating too, and it can feel so uncertain that it’s a mystery how our skin even stays attached to our bones, and yet, we persist.  That’s what we do.

If you are beginning to feel this evolution occurring in yourself – you might be feeling as though you a have been tuned to an entirely new octave. Perhaps there is a new vibration flowing through your dreams.

You may feel uncertain, unstable, or possibly wondering if this is actually for real.  

It is, my Love, it is!

Despite all the chaos and craziness going on around us, one thing is for certain, magic is happening. Women are waking up to the sacred power in their bones. We are listening to the songs flowing through our hearts. 


It is time to seek out our Soul Sisters, To come together to share our skills, to wield our magic,
and to deepen in to the mystery of this evolution.

I am devoted to holding space, listening, and providing grounded guidance as you rediscover your essence, your heart, and your gifts. 

I am here to walk with you and to encourage you to step outside the edge of your comfort zone. 

I am here to be with you as you stand on the edge of your life and look outward into the beyond—dreaming in the life you want to live. 

This is my work, standing with you, supporting you, being with you, and clearing the path as you make the sacred journey of finding your luminescent soul.

I adore Lumen!! She is an absolute natural at working with energy and embodiment. As a busy mama, I personally want to work very deeply and very deliberately, and she will do the most potent work in one simple hour.