I am a medicine woman.

I am at home outside, in nature...

on the edges of cliffs, on trails, in the trees, with the plants, feeling the air, being with the expansiveness of the Earth and the Sky. When I am in nature I am surrounded with mystery. When I am sitting on the edge of a cliff, with the wind spiraling around my body and wisping its hands through my hair, I know that I’m connected to the sacred flow and wisdom inherent in the Universe. 

It has always been like this. My deep love for the outdoors began as a very small child, and this love only grew deeper as I got older. Eventually this love became a passion. Deep ecology, botany, herbal medicine, and mycology were my academic pursuits.

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And for all the years since... I have practiced as a healer of the earth, bodies and spirits. 

I've spent 25 years working directly with the lands upon which I live--tending them, restoring them, leading people through them as an environmental scientist, herbalist, and outdoor guide.

I have walked these canyons, mesas, and mountains, these springs, streams, and lakes. I have studied them, restored them, and immersed my being into every element of them. Earth, water, air, sky -- these are what I know. 


I am continually in awe of how the various threads that make up the whole of who I am – energy healer, plant medicine practitioner, environmental scientist, outdoor guide, doula, martial artist, mother, writer, music maker, dreamer – are all part of the larger web of life, all of Nature, all the Universe. 

Journey to Your Luminescent Soul

To your most fulfilling life. 

Official Bio:

Kristi Beguin weaves together energy work, shamanic wisdom, and deep ecology to navigate the spirit and to guide people back to their pure essence. She is deeply connected to the physical and spiritual elements of Nature, and she lives deeply in-tune with the pulse of the Earth. Growing up, she spent her childhood in the wilds of enchanting northern New Mexico, and has spent her entire adult life living the beauty of the natural world.

Kristi has devoted nearly 3 decades to practicing herbal medicine while concurrently pursuing a career in environmental science. Additional experiences include owning an outdoor retail store and guide service; teaching about native plant medicines, and the ancient skills of foraging, medicine making, and herbcraft; practicing and teaching martial arts for nearly 30 years and achieving the rank of 4th degree black belt; and guiding people into the beauty of the outdoors on hiking and mountain biking excursions.

Most recently, Kristi has been immersed in the deep and beautiful work of spiritual guidance, intuitive coaching, and soul work. She offers one-on-one healing sessions, individual energy work packages, and unique group programs. Using energy reading, shamanic work, plant medicines, the Akashic records, and intuitive healing, she guides women in to the depths of their luminescent souls so they can deconstruct old patterns; clear wounding and trauma; repair and replenish at the deepest levels; and re-emerge as more complete Be-ings.