Energy Work and Private Coaching

Are you experiencing deep intuitive pulls telling you that your path is changing? That perhaps everyone’s paths are changing? Does it feel like there’s more to life than what you are currently experiencing? Do you feel like you are being initiated into a new version of your true self?

Energetic healing is a holistic approach to working with the physical, spiritual, and energetic body systems to facilitate the body’s innate healing mechanisms.

Within my practice I combine the skills and modalities of energy healing, herbal medicine, shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, Reiki, the Akashic Records, intuitive spiritual coaching, and physical movement. During an energy-healing session I work with you to facilitate the process of tuning-in and listening to your body, your heart, and your soul. Together we deconstruct and reconstruct your energetic system, we clear and release outdated beliefs, and realign your whole system. Energy work is a process where making subtle changes within has the potential to activate profound effects in your outer world.

I am devoted to holding space, listening, and providing grounded guidance as you rediscover your essence, your heart, and your gifts. I work as a guide, walking with you as you navigate the edges of your comfort zone. I stand with you as you peer out over the edges of your life and into the beyond—calling in the life you want to live.

This is my work, standing with you, supporting you, being with you, and helping you to clear the path as you travel the sacred journey of finding your luminescent soul.


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Since working with Kristi I feel more courage for doing the work I came here to do. She makes it really easy to be you, unapologetically, and I think that’s a rare gift. I am so thankful that she shares her artistry and medicine openly. Her heart feels bigger than the planet.

If you want to learn more, please schedule a discovery session to learn more about the private coaching options.


Luminescent Soul Process

A 6-Month Journey into the Depths of Your Essence

This is a time of rapid change and seismic shifts of consciousness. As you awaken to the depths of your potential, there are skills and modalities available to help support you on this path of awakening.

If you are looking to dive deeply into learning the tools, techniques, and rituals that can help support you on this journey of evolution, the Luminescent Soul Process is the footpath to your own inner temple. 

This 6-month intensive will enable you to construct a foundation of deep inner knowing, intuition, clarity, and energy work. We will delve into healing modalities including herbal medicine, aromatherapy, energy work, shamanic journeying, and soul retrieval. The work will require your full commitment and attention. 

Working with Kristi enabled me to tap into my ability to listen to my own intuitive cues mentally and spiritually. I could feel my ego and judgmental observation dissipate so that I could discern with loving, non-judgmental openness my own self and my path.

Kristi plants seeds of wisdom that slowly grow, and subtle transformation occurs in a way that is safe and not shocking to your energetic system. It’s as though she cracks open a door for you to peek through and reminds you of your own power to step through the portal.

If you are serious about your self-evolution, and looking for ways to transcend to the next level of consciousness, the Luminescent Soul Process will equip you with a deep understanding of the magic and beauty present in the divine mystery of life.

To learn more about the Luminescent Soul Process, schedule a discovery session.


Sacred Circle

Moon Mesa Sacred Women’s Circle

Connect   ♦   Replenish   ♦   Support

 “The gatherings are commencing, Sisters, and they are unlike anything that has come before.” 

~ Jody England

We’ve outgrown, “I’m too busy.” 

We’ve gone beyond, “I wish I had more time.”

We are clearly in the now of, “I will make time for Me.”

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The monthly Moon Mesa Sacred Women’s Circle is a retreat for you. It’s a 90-minute indulgence into the mystery and beauty of energetic healing space. 

We’ve got you here.

This Sacred Circle is a portal of connection — reconnection to the purest essence of your own true self, connection to the Mother Earth, and a reunion with the sacred and divine mysteries of all life.


This monthly women’s circle is facilitated by the wise and mystical Patricia Wald-Hopkins and the grounded and skillful Kristi Beguin, who together weave their magic as energy workers, healers, seers, and shamans in this transformative reconnection with Spirit and Self.


Sacred Circles are conscious entities that expand and flow and move; invite, support, and nourish; and each night is blessed with a delicious surprise. 

Sacred Circles provide the space for us to give and receive, to hold and be held, to engage and observe, to create and inspire.

Within the Sacred Circle we heal ourselves and heal each other.  The healer is healed. The holder is held.

The Circle represents an endless sphere with no beginning and no end, unlimited possibilities, and a continuous soulful connection.  

Within this safe and sacred space, we release, realign, and reconnect with the joy and wonder of all of life. 

Being in meditation with Kristi is like hooking up to an amplification system. She is so grounded, I felt safe enough to fly. Kristi provides a safe and supportive healing experience. She is a catalyst for healing and transformation.
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If you feel called to join our sacred space, please contact us to find out more.  

Now is the time!

“This feminine fire is a primordial, elemental force that is powerful beyond our wildest imaginings. It is, in fact, power itself.”Teri Degler