Calling the Spirit Back Home

Today I went outside to sit next to my friend, the Canyon. Immediately upon my arrival, the winds blew up and around me. The dried oak leaves rustled. The needles of the Ponderosa shimmered and sighed. The ravens were calling back and forth, and I could even hear some calling from as far away as my home, a couple miles away.

But they all tend to congregate here, in this Canyon.

When the wind wrapped her translucent arms around my physical body, I immediately had chills.  But they weren’t from cold.

“Hello,” I said, “I am here.”

Immediately, I felt the entire ecosystem vibrating with response.

She is here. We are here.

And then, in the very next moment, I began to cry.

Big, wet tears welling up in my eyes and spilling over my cheeks as they do now, in this moment, as I remember.

I wasn’t expecting to cry.

And I said, “Will you give me the courage to fly, now that you’ve helped me to stay?”

The winds furled around–up and down the canyon walls, through trees both large and small.

A bluejay scrawked off to my right. And so many ravens talking.

I haven’t heard that many ravens together for a while.

After weaving a web of intention that has lasted four years, I can feel that the direction of the spinning is shifting. It is time to weave a new web of intention.

For a new web to be woven, I need to call my Spirit back home.

And so…

I breathed in the Canyon, the Ponderosa, the Ravens, the scent of the February air.

I breathed out into the dirt, the snow, the dried-out leaves, and herbs

I breathed in the intensity of the blue sky, the clouds, the wind, my own self, and I leaned into the Earth and all her ecosystem around me.

I observed every single tingle in my body.

I was present in the moment, right here, right now.

Just right.

I moved, stretched, felt my bare feet connecting with each and every bit of texture of rock, lichen, pebble, and pine needle.

I felt the stretch in the back of my thighs. The pain in my lower back. The tension in my belly. The arch of my neck.

The wind moving my hair.

In order for my spirit to come home, she must know where the entrance is to me…

To this body.

To her home.

Call your own spirit home.